Sticks for heat not burn product.
But Lavie is not tobacco product, it cotains no nocotine!

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Lavie promises to provide a healthy substitute for smokers and modify the existing technical route by innovating the Heat Not Burning concept. After 2 years of exploration and accumulation in the industry, Lavie has acquired the ability to conduct independent research into Heat Not Burning sticks.

Our technology is sufficient to support a new brand tailored to your needs. If you need the service of OEM or ODM, please contact us! We also expect dealers and retailers to leverage our brand to capture market share and acquire more customers.


Frequently asked questions

What exactly is Lavie?

Lavie is a type of heating sticks for Heat not burn devices.

Does Lavie contain nicotine?

No, it doesn’t have nicotine.

Is Lavie tobacco product?

It is not a tobacco product, but a tea product, which is made into sticks that can be used in heat not burn equipment.

What are the main ingredients of lavie stick?

Its main ingredients are celllulose, pectin and tea leaves.

What equipment does Lavie match?

It can match more than 90% of the industry’s devices, and our recommended device brand is Pluscig.